Wednesday, February 27, 2008

American Idol Girls?

Snow day here today! So there were kids running around all over my house! It was one of the those kind of days that I had so much planned to do...but never really got to it cause other things kept coming up to do. UGH! It still turned out to be a pretty productive day though.

The Idol girls didn't impress me tonight. Actually, I was really unimpressed. I am with Simon tonight! They all need to pick better songs for next week. Can they not tell that the songs just don't work for them? Who will go tomorrow night? Hmmm I just can't say.

Not sure if the kids will have school tomorrow or not. I am hoping for a productive day tomorrow. Planning on doing some scrapping for upcoming classes I am working on.

American Idol Guys impress again!

I have been a littler under the weather the past couple of days. I decided to take it easy so have been working on some little projects that needed caught up. Then I indulged in another great read The Parting written by Beverly Lewis. Beverly Lewis is by far one of my favorite authors.

For the first time ever I have decided to keep a running list of all of the books that I read this year. I have never done this before. I decided to do it when my mom had asked me if I had read a book...and even though it sounded familiar I just couldnt figure out if I had read it or not! LOL So thought it would be fun to record all the books that I read. Believe it or not this book is the first one I have read in 2008! I have just been SO BUSY!

I really enjoyed last nights American Idol! Will have to say that Robbie did not impress. However, I was really impressed with David Cook! He got my vote last night for sure! Brooke and Nic are voting for David Archaleta (sp?).
I was also really impressed with Chickezee! He rocked! I especially loved his come back to Simon...about only Simon wearing the same thing twice on TV! I was laughing so hard that I spit my drink!!

I think Luke did well also last night and David that was good!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tyler's Baptism

Tyler decided at Awana a few weeks ago that he wanted to be baptised. We were all thrilled to pieces that he has given his heart to the Lord. He is such a tender hearted little boy. Such a blessing in our lives. We are so so proud of him! Here are a few shots from the baptism.

After church, Grammy Betty took us out to the Texas Roadhouse to celebrate Tyler's baptism! Grandma Sarah, Papa Ed and Uncle Matt joined us too. It was a long wait since we had nine people...but the food was sure yummy and worth the wait!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Day

The kids had a snow day today! They were so anxious to get outside and play...but it was misting nearly all day. After lunch they went outside and had a blast. Nick and Derek made a giant snowball and had a blast rolling it around the yard. Then they made a little snowman. They wanted to make a snowman for each person int he family! They were running out of snow though!

Tyler was my little cleaning helper. He cleaned up the entire toy room and got it looking GREAT! I owe him a Webkins for all that help;) He is a Webkins collector now! This will be his third. After cleaning he went out to build a snowman.

Diana came over and we scrapbooked. I worked on some upcoming Faith Sisters Challenges...felt so good to get those done!

Chad wasnt feeling well today. He never ever calls off work but today he did. I woke up at 6:45 and he was still in bed. Very unusual! Say a prayer for him. He is totally stressed about what to do with the surgery...and I think he might be getting an ulcer from all the stress and worry. Hoping he will schedule the knee surgery soon.

The boys had their Blue and Gold banquet tonight. They were so thrilled with all the badges and belt loops they got! It was a fun evening. I took tons of pictures! Lots of boy scout scrapping to come!

Chad's parents are coming this weekend. We are celebrating Tyler being baptised! His big day is Sunday!:)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lovin American Idol!

I spent the entire day cleaning, laundry and more cleaning. So much fun! What a relief to have things sparkly and smelling fresh though. I hate the process but the outcome is just so refreshing!:)

I think I have the nagging urge to start ripping off wall paper in the entry way. My laundry room and downstairs bathroom are in much need of some paint too. Why can't I just be content with how it is! So I expect that any day now I will take on the task of stripping wall paper and painting. My whole entire house was wall paper when we moved in. It is very nice wall paper big flowers or antying crazy. Just marbled and very subtle. The entry way though...well it looks like a dirty dog came in and shook all over the walls. Just little brown specks everywhere. I have always hated it....if I can get the energy I might start ripping it off. The only problem with ripping it off the bathroom upstairs when I ripped off the wall paper I discovered bare walls. They didn't even finish the drywall before putting up the wall paper. Yeah! A mess! So I am terribly afraid what stripping off other wall paper might reveal! If I knew it would just be adhesive removal and then painting I would have done it a couple years ago. However, it might require hiring someone to come in and finish the drywall.....UGH! Well we shall see cause I expect that as soon as I get going on the laundry room and get it finished I will start on the entry way. Chad is going to love it that I have this painting bug......hehehe....being totally sarcastic. He recently said he is done working on the house for a long while. We have truly done tons to this place since we moved in. The floors were our major project. We ripped carpent out of the entire place and put in hardwood. No matter what I have to get the laundry room and guest bedroom painted. All of the baseboards need a good coat of paint too. When we did the floors we used the primered baseboards....since they were already white I just left them! They are starting to show the wear though. It's time for them to be painted....ugh I hate painting trim work! However, I am very good at it so it is always the job that I get when it comes time to paint.

So how about American Idol! I am so loving this season. We have such great talent to choose from! I think America did well with the voting. Garret and Colton were two that I wasn't real thrilled with. I am glad to see that Luke gets another chance. Is it just me or does he remind you of the dude from 90210? LOL I am thinking his name was Luke too.

I really liked Amy. Sad that she had to go. I think she will get picked up as a model or something though cause she is just beautiful and Paula is so right...the camera loves her! I really liked Joanna too. That was not the best song for her though. I have decided that it is going to be hard to see any of these girls leave. They are all so talented. I do really like Amanda though. She may be rough around the edges...but she can most definitely ROCK!

Can't wait till next weeks idol!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

American Idol Girls

I am kinda stumped on the girls. There are some really good ones this season.

My stand out favorite is the Rock n nurse Amanda. I think she is unique and talented! Will be interesting to see how she does in the other genres.

Carly is one of my other tops but I wasn't as impressed with her tonight. She was one of the sick ones though.

I don't think that the girls did as well tonight as the guys did last night though. The guys rocked last night! I am gonna have to wait and see with these girls. We do have some really great ones to choose from!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I got Tagged

I've been tagged by my good friend Lawanda.

You must post the rules before you give your answers. You must list one fact about yourself for each letter of your middle name. Each fact must begin with that letter. If you don't have a middle name, just use your maiden name. After you've been tagged, you need to up-date your blog with your middle name and answers. At the end of your post, you need to tag one person for each letter of your middle name. (Be sure to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and need to read your blog for details).

My middle name is Michelle! Hehe!

M-mom to three wonderful kids!
I Love Pickles!
Hildebrand was my maiden name!
Everyone says that my daughter and I look exactly alike.
Laugh easily
Love my wonderful hubby Chad
Enjoy scrapbooking way to much!

OK there you have it! So I tag Sunny, Karma, Tammy,
Dahlia, Eva, Kim, Anne, Jamie

My Top 3 American Idol Guys

I just gotta say that I am impressed with the talent of these guys on season 7. Every single one of them are good. It is tough competition this season to say the least!

I have picked my favorites! I always lean toward the rockers of course!

My top pick is Robbie Carrico. Do you know that he was born in Beckly, WV! A good ole WV boy! He also has a pet Yorkie! Kinda sealed the deal for me. He has a fabulous voice with a great range.

My next pick is Jason Castro. Not loving his dreads...but he has a great voice! Very talented guy. Seems a tad bit shy...hopefully he will overcome that quickly!

Micheal Johns has a great voice too. However, I kinda liked David Cook as well. So my third place pick is a tie right now!

So I wander who will be sent home? My guess is Garret and Luke. However, I really wish it would be Danny. He just gets on my nerves! Sadly he has a good voice...but oh that attitude. UGH!

Can't wait to see what the girls bring tomorrow night! My favorite is already Amanda..hoping she blows them away Wed night!

American Idol Junkie signing off!

Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm Back!

Well it has been a rough few weeks! Both of our computers were attacked by viruses! Seems that our virus protection expired....oops....that will NEVER happen again! This has been a nightmare! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE VIRUS PROTECTION SOFTWARE!

Chad had to totally wipe out my computer and start from scratch. It has been terrible! The computer is finally working again! My laptop is still a little slow...but at least it doesnt' have all the popups!

For Valentine's Day Chad got me an external hard drive! WOOHOO!! I have now backed up ALL of my digital photos on the the external hard drive. Now to just get them uploaded to the Kodak Gallery! It's the perfect time to get them uploaded because they have a promotion going on! you can get 150 prints for just $15! Make sure to put in the coupon code: GETPRINTS.

Now I am just trying to catch up with everything! It seems that everytime I go to look for something it is missing on this computer! I have lost MS Publisher, Microsoft Office, all of my Favorites! UGH>>>When will the nightmare end!!!!