Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bad Blogger!

I have been such a bad blogger! My goal in my blog was to try and keep a journal of things going on in life...and I have failed terribly up to this point!

Have been substitute teaching pretty steadily...which has been tough getting used to! I am so spoiled from working at home all these years. Now that I am finally getting into the swing of things the school year is winding down. I am in need of 6 CE hours so I will be taking online classes this summer. Two classes for a total of 6 credit hours. I am kinda nervous about being a student again! It has been so long so I have had college classes. I am especially about the whole online class thing....they were just teaching us how to log onto the internet back when I was in college....let alone having the entire class online! Should be interesting! My classes start June 8th.

We have been having terrible computer problems. A virus hiding out and attacking every so often. I am not sure if we are totally rid of it yet but I have said a prayer and hoping that the troubles are over before my online classes start!

Brookes activities for the end of the school year are finally over. Now to start her summer schedule which is pretty full with camps, tennis and who knows what else!

The boys are both still playing baseball. We have lots of make up games to catch up once the regular scheduled games have finished. Looks like we might be playing baseball most of the summer at this rate!

Have been busy helping my sister get her new house painted and refurbished. Seems I have spent most of my time off there. I finally had to take a break so I could clean my own house which seemed to be falling apart all around me! Now I have to get back to helping her get things done! We are painting a mural on Dereks walls. He has a racecar bed and wants his room to have a race track on the walls! Such fun! We are nearly finished with it...will post pictures when it is done!

School is out next Thursday. Worried about the loss of income but also very excited to have the summer to spend with my kids! We got a trampoline so that should give the kids something new to do this summer. So far they have already spent LOTS of time on it! Hoping the excitement doesnt wear off!

Hopefully I will be having a little more time to keep up with my blogging! Just imagine how far behind I am on reading all of my friends blogs and the posts at Faith Sisters! EEEEK!