Wednesday, January 16, 2008

American Idol

Ok I admit it...I am a bit of an American Idol junky! It is the only show that I really ever watch on TV. I don't get to catch every show of the season ever but I have been watching regularly for the past two seasons. We don't have Tivo so I don't get to save and watch later...but it's ok.

The auditions are not my favorite. I feel so terrible for the people that really think they can sing. They are so heartbroken when they are turned down. That poor guy with no front teeth that sang the moses song. That was sad...and the judges just shattered him laughing so hard.

I also really have a hard time with the crudeness that they allow during the auditions. Falling the people around that are having a bad attitude...just encouraging them get even worse. UGH! That is just not needed.

The only part I like about the auditions is trying to pick who I think will make it to the top 25!

I don't know their names yet...but so far my picks:

The girl with the daughter that has the disease that was on the first night. Her family even prayed around her before she went in to audition.

The guy that said he has a style like Red Hot Chili Peppers. Great voice...I think he will go far.

Drew the farm boy. Love his country sound and he just seems like a great wholesome, well mannered guy with a good voice. Simon needs to open up and accept country...I can't believe he said no to this one!

The girl that immitated Britney Spears. She has a phenominal voice. She really nailed all the songs she sang!

I think I might be forgetting a couple. I will come back and add them later! LOL

I did get pretty miffed both nights. I do not think they should have let that old guy get on and sing his R rated song. He said it was about abstinence....but it was uncalled for. Then tonight I got mad about the judges bashing Bruce...the guy who had agreed with his dad for abstinance until marriage. I absolutely can not believe the judges bashed him...and then Ryan had the voiceover as Bruce walked away...that said kiss some girls so you can come back next year as a man. Are you kidding me? That was just wrong. Do we wander why the U.S. has so many teen pregnancy problems?? The nations #1 show even bashes good moral decisions. That guy should have made it on to Hollywood. He had a much better voice than a couple of the ones they sent on. Plus, he would have made a great role model for teens of this day and age.

The one thing that I have been impressed with both seasons that I have watched, is how God has used this show to plant seeds. As well as to spotlight some Christian artists. Melinda was amazing last year...and she has went on to do some great things in the Christian arena. My favorite by far though is Chris Daughtry. HE ROCKS and he is proud to be a Christian! Even on the past two nights of auditions there have been Christian songs sang, and so many people proudly wearing their cross necklaces. Families praying together. WOOHOO! On national television!

Praying that the Lord will use this season of American Idol to bring him glory! Let's support the Christian talent! I am ready to start voting!

So who are your picks so far?

Monday, January 14, 2008

Partially Hydrogenated Oil

If you know know that I have been trying to avoid partially hydrogenated oils in my families diet for at least the past year. My dad, being the health nut that he is, started reading articles about it and telling me to stop giving it to my kids. I did a little of my own research and then understood why he was so determined to make me listen! This is the reason that one of my goals for 2008 is to cook more meals for my family. From scratch....not boxed or bagged stuff full of junk even though it looks healthy.

In short, trans fats are poisons. They interfere with the metabolic processes of life by taking the place of a natural substance that performs a critical function. And that is the definition of a poison. Your body has no defense against them, because they are not natural. Partially hydrogenated oils do not exist in nature.

Substances that are literally metabolic poisons like partially hydrogenated oil are banned in Canada and Europe. And even some US cities like NYC, Boston, San Francisco have banned it in their resteraunts. However it is still widely used in many resteraunts all over the US and in nearly everything you pick up off the grocery store shelves. It's used instead of butter because it adds texture and flavor to foods and is much cheaper than real butter.

It is seriously hard to avoid this stuff! When you start reading food labels, it is astonishing how many products you will find that contain partially hydrogenated oils. Most chips, crackers, instant coffees and cocoas and oh so much more....even frozen meals! I rarely buy anything anymore without first looking at the label. The stuff is even in some candy!

Here is what you can do: For starters, read food labels and avoid anything that contains the words "hydrogenated". That means partially hydrogenated oils, hydrogenated oils, or anything of that kind (and mono-diglycerides,Interesterified Oils as well- these are just new names they are giving hydrogenated oils to confuse people). When eating out, avoid deep-fried foods at all costs,most resteraunts deep fry with partially hydrogenated oil because it is cheaper! Buy real butter and NOT MARGARINE....margarine is full of the bad oils.

Not only are Partially Hydrogenated Oils bad for you...they also make you get fat. Ever wander why the US has such an obesity problem when other countries do not?? Hmmm....cause this junk is banned there! When you eat normal fats, the body metabolizes half of them in 18 days. When you eat trans fats the body requires 51 days to metabolize half of them.

Tell others to boycott foods containing Partially Hydrogenated oils. There are dozens of references in scientific literature documenting the ill effects of trans fatty acids especially in relation to heart disease. If you have difficulty in convincing someone of the value of avoiding trans fats, the extensive references now available in the scientific literature are helpful.

Here are just a few links to some of the info I have read:

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The new Faithbooking challenge at Faith Sisters is set to go live tonight. The challenge is to Create a layout or piece of art that can be displayed to remind you of your New Years Resolutions. So I have been thinking today about my goals for 2008.

1. Scrapbook at least 20 mins a day. Hopefully more!
2. Read my bible daily.
3. Be a shining light in all more gossiping and complaining!
4. Provide homemade nutritious meals for my family everyday.
5. Attend Intercessory prayer on Thursday evenings.
6. Attend Bible Study Fellowship.

I am so looking forward to a wonderful 2008!

Thought and picture for today:
"Are not two little sparrows sold for a penny? And yet not one of them will fall to the ground without your Father's consent and notice." -Matthew 10:29

I took this picture in my mother-in-laws backyard. The whole tip of the tree was filled with birds when I went out.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! My prayer is that we all have a very blessed and prosperous 2008.

It is our tradition to bring the New Year in with a music party at my mom and dads. Every year for as long as I can remember Dad and Mom have hosted this music party. All of dad's music friends come over and jam all evening. Other friends and relatives also join us to enjoy the music and fellowship. Those of us who don't join in the music jam usually end up playing games.

This year we played Canasta....which is a game taught to us by Grandma Vinnie. It was her absolute favorite game. Christina and Brenda played the new Life Twist and Turns game with the kids.

The musicians are all getting older and each year it seems that they pack up earlier than the last! Once they left the rest of us watched New Years parties from the past that dad had recorded. The party that was last recorded before this year was 1998. Brooke was really into shaking maracas that year and Grandma Vinnie was right there dancing and shaking with her. PRICELESS! It was so great to see those videos of Grandma! Tyler was a 5 month old baby. There was a few minutes where Grandma was singing to him. It made me realize how neglectful I have been with videotaping. Ever since I got heavily into scrapbooking I have taken bazillions of photos. Yet I rarely ever pick up the camcorder. In fact our camcorder got broken in 2006 and we have never even replaced it. I want to try to save up for one now. Even if you don't watch the videos until 10 years later! It is just so awesome!

Both of my nephews are now learning to play the violin. Yes, those tiny violins are real! They broke out there intruments to join in the jam session! We had such a great time!