Thursday, December 04, 2008

Not the Gall Bladder

Test results are back from my lovely gall bladder function test Wed morning. As much as I wanted it to be my gall bladder causing all of this...after all they could take it out and I can live without it and be pain free...well the test is showing that it is functioning at 90% so that is most likely not the cause of the pain. NOW WHAT??? I don't know. I go back to my surgeon net Wed. maybe he will have some other ideas. My chiropractor is wandering if it still might have something to do with my my guess is my next stop will be a Kidney Dr. I think I need to start some kind of third job so I can pay for all of the tests they are doing to get to the root of this pain. Not to mention that with every new test is another week or two of waiting. Why can't they do the tests all in one day and get me out of this pain instead of dragging it out?????? OK I am whining. I am sure I am suppose to be learning something from all this. Patience? Tolerating pain? Being Strong? Only time will tell I guess.

ON to some happy news! My family is participating in the New Hope For the Holidays Christmas program with our church this weekend. Tonight is the first performance. Chad is a tree, Nic a gingerbread man, Tyler a paige and a present(at seperate scenes), Brooke a candy cane and she is also singing a duet of "Where are you Christmas". I was suppose to be an angel...but I had to turn in my halo because was afraid I wouldnt be able to stand on the stage that long without falling over in pain. Plus, we have a retreat this weekend so it would have been difficult. The first performance is tonight so I will get to go take pictures and watch my family perform:) Should be a fun night!

We are having a scrapbook retreat this weekend at the studio. It should be fun because a few friends are coming too. My friend Heather from church is having a birthday on Sunday so going to have a little bday party for her. Us December babies have to stick together..nobody ever throws us parties cause they are to busy with I will live my birthday party that never happens through her!!;)

Well Brooke is begging to go to the mall before church so I am heading back for more shopping fun. Was already there once today...but I can't complain...Aeropostle was having a HUGE sale! Shirts and sweats for 1.99 and 2.99 and jeans for 5.99!!! WOOHOO!!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving and Shopping

What a great holiday! I can't upload my pictures though because my camera battery died! I only ended up getting a couple of pictures of Grandpa playing Rock Band. He has been so sick with his Parkinsons...we never expected him to make it to Thanksgiving a few weeks ago. Well if the camera battery had to die I am thankful that I got these couple of shots with grandpa playing the drums! I will get them uploaded just as soon as I remember to charge the battery...can you tell I am sick...what scrapper let's the camera battery die and then leaves it uncharged this long. This pain is seriously overwhelming me.

My little sister and her husband came in from Atlanta. All of the family was there! We had 31 family members at Thanksgiving dinner. That number is down about 8from last year! Can't believe I missed all those photo opps :(

After Thanksgiving dinner my sisters, aunt and I devoured the black Friday ads. It is tradition for us to go shopping on Black Friday. Crazy but true! Christina, Brooke and I left at 3:30am to head to Kohls. Oh my heck, there were only more than 1,000 people already wrapping around the parking lot standing in line! We got there later than expected due to traffic at 3:30am! EVERYONE is looking for the deals THIS Christmas it seems! Well we shopped for 11 hours, well maybe I should make that clearer. We shopped for 4 hours and waited in lines the rest of the 7 hours! That may be stretching it a little on the waiting in lines, but it has to be pretty close! I was feeling quite dead and lived on pain killers the rest of the weekend trying to recover. Even my arms were sore! I did get most of my Christmas shopping done. Still have a little to do but I am so happy that I was able to get great deals on the majority of the presents this year!

My little sis, Julie never comes home for a visit without us playing Canasta. Our alltime favorite card game. It just wouldnt be right to have her home and not play. We even have a Canasta Club notebook with scores from the last 3 or 4 years of games..most of them are when Julie is in town! We have a blast playing Canasta. Remember how I said I lived on pain killers after the shopping...well the pain killers alter my memory! Or should I say make it nonexistant! Julie and I are rarely beaten as a team. In fact, they rarely let us play together cause we dominate the Canasta club! I wouldn't be surprised if they don't stalk up on some pain killers to push on me the next time we play! Everyone but Julie was thrilled with my lack of memory, we got beat 3 out of 4 times. It was 12am when we started the final game....cause we refused to quit playing until we won at least once!

Although I am not feeling at my best...well far from my best...this was a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend. I hope to be feeling better by Christmas though so I can enjoy the feast!!