Thursday, February 03, 2011

A Prayer For My Friend

Have a friend heavy on my heart today. This song says it all, so I will keep it short!

Busy Busy- Having a Merry Heart In A Martha World

Spring semester of grad school is off with a bang. I have been burried with chapters and chapters and more chapters. I am also tutoring a struggling reading student for the semester as part of my requirements.

All this on top of an already hectic life. Is it ironic that in the beginning of January I started leading an online book club at More like, it is just what God knew I needed! Another one of His fingerprints in my life, leading me to choose THIS book - Having a Merry Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver.

Have you ever read a book and thought, this was written just for me? If you are a busy person like me, then this book was written just for you! God is really using this book to speak to me about lots of things in my busy chaotic life.

This weeks chapter has released me from feeling guilty for giving up some of my "stuff" that I have taken on. While there are many needs, God has not asked ME to meet every one. Why do I always feel like I have to volunteer to do things? Then I have myself stretched so thin that when the Holy Spirit does ask something of me, I am either to busy with something else, or too exhausted to do what God really wants me to do...not to mention the fact that sometimes I am so busy with "stuff" that I don't even have time to hear Him calling me.

Last semester I was forced to let go of some things that I consider very important, like being an AWANA leader, due to my busy grad school schedule. I have felt so guilty about it, but deep down, I know that I am on the right path by getting my Masters in Reading. If I had any doubts about that, they were eased when I went looking for a student struggling with reading to tutor. Oh my goodness are there so many children who need help with reading. So while AWANA is good, and important, it isn't what he wants me doing right at this moment. And as hard as it is for me to accept, there are others who have taken over my role at AWANA while I am away. This chapter also helped me to realize that by always feeling like I have to be the one to do things and be in charge, I could be stealing someone else's blessing.

So if you haven't noticed, I am a Martha! I have the same spiritual handicap of busyness that left Martha unable to enjoy the intimacy of Jesus presence.

I cannot do everything, but I can do "one thing."
I cannot meet every need, but I can respond in obedience to the need the Spirit lays on my heart.
I cannot carry every load, but I can carry the load God has for me.
For His yoke, indeed, is easy, and His burden is truly light.

Friends, don't put off reading this book! I have had it laying in my house for a whole year. I wish I had read it sooner! Joanna Weaver was definitely God inspired to write this book. It isn't to late to join our online bookclub either!

It seems like after reading every chapter of this book I have a song in my head....
this time it was Lifesong by Casting Crowns.